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Billings Funeral Home
812 Baldwin Street
Elkhart, Indiana 46514
Tel: 574-264-2425

Our facility is wheelchair accessible
Brad Billings

Brad Billings
Licensed Funeral Director

30 Year Pin Recipient, 2013
Indiana Funeral Directors Association (IFDA)

The Billings family has served the greater Elkhart community for over sixty five years in care giving capacities, and we intend to continue for many years to come. Our vision at the funeral home is to continue building lasting relationships with families. After eighteen years, I am increasingly grateful for the new family and friends that walk through our doors. We become so involved in such a critical and sensitive time in people’s lives, that true friendships are formed between us all.

Since my mother and father passed away, I have a greater respect of the sacrifices he made and what he built in his lifetime. This personal experience has helped me relate to people even more than before. Every single day I am enriched by these meetings. I have one-on-one and face-to-face contact with amazing people; people who are stronger than they realize. People who possess conviction and a desire to remain on course. That’s where we come in - I want Billings to be known for being fair, honest, and having a can-do attitude. There is nothing that we won’t do to go the extra mile in providing service and treating you as we would our own family.

We pride ourselves on always being one of the most reasonably priced funeral homes in the area, although many expect our charges to be much higher given our level of professionalism, the quality of our facilities, and our ethical standards. Consumers and families finally can learn first hand that there is a difference in the service we provide and they do not need to fall into the trap of traditional loyalty many funeral homes attempt to count on. Today, being good is not good enough.   

In addition, we are so proud to be chosen a Veterans Funeral Care provider; to be able to serve our veterans, our heroes, is an honor!

Tel: 574-264-2425

Email: brad@billingsfuneralhome.com

Beryl Billings

Beryl Billings
Office Manager

As a member of the Billings family, I consider it a privilege to serve our community and its families, spending my days within the serenity of this “home” away from home. 
It is important to me that we are sincere and compassionate to each person who walks through our doors. My goal is to exceed your expectations by taking care of the many details and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Whether you are coming to us at your time of need or for advance planning, we do not attempt to oversell our services. Instead, we focus on integrity and establishing trust and comfort by a clear communication flow. You can count on our prices to be reasonable and straightforward. I take pride in anticipating your questions and offering organized information so your decisions are easier. Because isn’t that what we all want? I thank you in advance for considering Billings as your funeral home.

Tel: 574-264-2425

Email: beryl@billingsfuneralhome.com

Jo B. Johnston

Jo B. Johnston
Licensed Funeral Director

It is hard for me to believe that more than twenty years have gone by since I became a licensed funeral director graduating from Franklin College and Mid-American College of Funeral Service after my early years at Culver Military Academy. I am originally from southeastern Indiana and have lived in Elkhart since 1990. It is my calling day in and day out to be attuned to the sensitive needs of a family suffering the loss of a loved one and be responsive when they turn to us.
One of the positive attributes of being a director at Billings is that we have the freedom to do whatever it takes to address the unique needs of each and every family, both emotionally and financially. This higher standard of care is much easier to achieve with a family-owned and operated funeral home rather than a larger corporation. Each family has specific needs and expectations, and it’s easier to fulfill their requests when you’re not restricted by corporate guidelines. Billings’ families are cared for on an individual basis, and the celebration of a life lived is paramount to the Billings’ philosophy.
I am blessed to have a family of three children and have found an even greater respect and admiration for our men and women in uniform having a son now in the U.S. Army. To serve our veterans with an honored last service is such a privilege.

Tel: 574-264-2425

Email: jo@billingsfuneralhome.com

Kevin Walker

Kevin Walker
Licensed Funeral Director

I was born in Hammond, Indiana, and raised on a country farm in Illinois. As a fourteen- year-old, I remember my grandmother’s death and how our closely-knit family included all the children as part of her funeral service. Something happened at that time; I knew I wanted to be a funeral director and never changed direction.

The early part of my career took me to Georgia as a licensed funeral director/embalmer for the largest family-owned funeral home in the southeastern states. After twenty years of service in the south, I found myself in Elkhart and reconnected with Brad Billings, a former classmate at Mid American College of Funeral Services. I am pleased to step into the role of Funeral Director under his tutelage. I have a lot of the same values and beliefs as Brad probably because of our training together as well as similar personalities.

I have seen first-hand changes that affect this area of expertise - and for the good: Services have evolved to be more customized and personalized. Directors are more open to change. Traditional values are resurfacing as important to people.

I am a United States Army Veteran and served during operation Desert Storm. It’s great to be in Elkhart and part of Billings’ team!

Tel: 574-264-2425

Email: kevin@billingsfuneralhome.com

Gary Sheets

Gary Sheets

Growing up the son of Elkhart’s beloved Pastor Oscar Sheets, it was instilled early on in our home the importance of caring for people. Daily I witnessed compassion and understanding toward people in all types of situations.

I am proud of the fact that I eventually followed in the footsteps of my father as well as my two brothers and became a pastor in the Church of the Nazarene back in 1994. I followed a calling that seemed only natural to also become professionally involved within the funeral industry.

As a pastor, I have had the chance to help many local families during their time of loss, and now working with Billings Funeral Home will give me added opportunities to be of service. Brad Billings and Jo Johnston have been personal friends of mine for many years. They, along with the entire staff at Billings, hold to a very high spiritual, moral and ethical standard, one of many positive reasons I choose to fulfill my calling here.

When you come into our funeral home, you can count on me to greet you with a smile, handshake, and hot cup of coffee. I will also do my very best to offer you words of encouragement and direction no matter what your faith background.

I reside in Bristol with my wonderful wife and three children. We love to fish on Lake Michigan in our boat when we have some spare time. I have served as a police officer for the town of Bristol and am currently proud to serve as Bristol Police Chaplain.

Tel: 574-264-2425

Brad McIntire

Brad McIntire
Altera Cremation Manager

I have followed what Brad and Beryl Billings do here at Billings Funeral Home. I like what I see in terms of their relationship with all those who come to them at a time of loss. Also for those who wish to pre-plan. This brother/sister team lead their staff by example. They serve the community and give back and continue to expand and change the business for the better. The environment is respectful, professional, and friendly focused on a mission that: every funeral service deserves to be truly personal and memorable, affordable and dignified.

My new role, after working as a Pre-Need Counselor and At-Need Counselor in other area funeral homes for 12 years, is Altera Cremation Manager. Altera  is a subsidiary of Billings for those preferring cremation - some 38% of Indiana residents. I'm a compassionate person offering services that are needed to people who gather together at this time. As of July, 2014, I am happy to announce that I have successfully completed the CCO Program™ of The National Funeral Directors Association of Brookfield, Wisconsin. I am a designated Certified Crematory Operator and can better serve the needs of families that desire cremation.

I was born and raised in nearby Shipshewana and graduated from International Business School in Fort Wayne. I have spent the last 30 years happily married to Pam, and we have raised two children and enjoy our three lovely grandchildren.

Tel: 574-264-2425

Email: bradmac@billingsfuneralhome.com

Sherrie Leonard

Sherrie Leonard
After Care Specialist

As the Aftercare Specialist, I feel privileged to be able to reach out to families shortly after a funeral or memorial service. Billings Funeral Home is anxious to show each family that we continue to think of them and want to provide additional assistance after a service. During a personal visit, I am able to provide grief support materials to families, determine if there are needs we might fulfill, and answer any questions they might have. Comments from families help us evaluate how our services, facilities, and staff can continue to serve families better. I am proud to be affiliated with Billings Funeral Home where serving families during a time of need includes aftercare support and assistance. Our aftercare program is a very unique and special service.

Tel: 574-264-2425

Email: sherrie@billingsfuneralhome.com

Keith Gary

Keith Gary
Preplanning Family Advisor

I have worked in the funeral home business for over seven years and am happy
to be a Family Advisor for Billings Funeral Home. I am from South Bend and
married with five children and twenty grandchildren! My family's background
is in missions, three generations of missionaries, in fact. This passion
brought me to Pre-Planning where I help make arrangements for both the
expected and unexpected. Pre-Need is a wonderful way to give a gift to your
family. This is more of an educational program than a selling program. We
arrange friendly face-to-face meetings letting people know what is available
to them, so they can make selections early and not have to wonder later if
they made the right decisions.
I believe in Billings' notable statement - The Art of Life. He sees how
Billings Funeral Home lets every family celebrate that life in their own
unique way and is elated by the full circle of care that is offered here.  

I share James 4:14 and how this verse spoke to me about my professional
calling: Whereas ye know not what [shall be] on the morrow. For what [is]
your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then
vanisheth away.          

Brad Billings states, "You can tell Keith has that deep passion for
assisting in other people's needs. Pre-planning as a positive plan and gift
for families is an analogy for what Keith demonstrates in his daily life. We
are glad he has joined our total care team."

Tel: 574-264-2425

Email: keith@billingsfuneralhome.com

Nathan Kline

Nathan Kline

I knew I wanted to be a funeral director ever since the 6th grade. This career choice was solidified during my junior and senior years at Elkhart Memorial High School when I was fortunate enough to intern at a local funeral home.  I got to see first-hand what it takes to be a successful director and connect with people in time of need because of their loss. This first experience of working in the funeral business simply confirmed that I want to continue my journey in funeral service. I am so glad to now be associated with Billings and accepting more responsibilities as a funeral director intern.

Brad Billings and the entire staff have showed me how important it is to help families who turn to us in faith and trust. Each day I grow as a compassionate person who is committed to this service sector. I am thankful for the knowledge that is coming from a family owned and operated business held in such high esteem throughout Elkhart, my hometown, and the surrounding community. I believe this daily preparation will ready me even more for my continued education at Mid America College of Funeral Service.

Tel: 574-264-2425